Monday, June 12, 2017

Adam West Hug

One of the highlights of my life was getting to meet Adam West at my first-ever San Diego Comic Con. It was the same Con where my now-husband and I started dating. Mr. West and his wife were so beyond nice. He loved a Jewish Humor Calendar that I had published, and took a separate picture with it to help me promote it. We happened to find him on a random aisle, and there was no line to see him, so we got to chat with him for a while. He was everything I'd hoped he be and more. The picture we took with him has been on display in our household since we first got married. He was and always will be my favorite Batman.

This hug is for him. It's for all of us who miss him already. Below are some photos of meeting Adam West, and how his version of Batman played an important part of my wedding.

This photo has been framed and featured in my apartment from the beginning of my marriage. 

Mr. West and his wife (partially captured on his right) loved my calendar, and was happy to pose with it.

At my wedding, my hubby and I were "kidnapped" by the Riddler, and were rescued by Batman & Robin. 

Part of the choreographed fight scene to help "save" hubby and me from being tied up by the Riddler. The fight scene was set to the tune of the Adam West Batman theme song. 

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