Monday, March 14, 2016

Michelle Collins Hug!

Ok, I admit it. Over the years, I've become a big Bachelor fan. First it was begrudgingly as a skeptic, but I've since become a full fledged fan. It's escapism TV at its best, and I really enjoy seasons where the lead actually seems genuine. It's been a lot of fun to watch Bachelor Ben this year. The highlight for me personally is whenever I get to the very funny Michelle Collins pop up on the Bachelor Live episodes. She and I attended the ROI 120 Summit in Israel in 2009. She was hilarious, and it's been a pleasure watching someone from one of my social circles ride her talent up the chain of success, culminating in a hosting spot on The View (and of course even more importantly as a guest of Bachelor Nation). So go Michelle! This hug's for you. (And a side note to Ben Higgins, what in the world have you done? Good luck picking between the two girls you've told "I love you" to about a thousand times each! #TeamLauren)

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