Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Be Wearing the Ides of March! New Hug O' The Day Store!

Big news! I'd been asked by the awesome guys at The TeaBook to design their inaugural line of Collect Teable Teas. The theme is authors, so here is the very first limited edition tea design, ShakeSpearmint! If you are in the LA area and would like to be a part of the largest Tea Party ever, click here for more details!

ShakeSpearmint will be a part of the giveaways for the VIP tickets to the party, but in honor of the Ides of March I'm also offering it in the form of T-shirts, prints, and other fun collectibles... I mean, collecTeables, of course. :-P So I hereby announce the opening of the Hug O' The Day Store! It's filled with some of the most popular Hugs O' The Day, and...

...I'm also offering up prints, products, and t-shirt designs of the new cover I did for Rabbi Elchanan Shoff's book, Nuggets of Torah on Esther and Purim. It was the #1 New Release for Judaism for a while on Amazon, and is still #1 New Release in Torah. The book is a limited edition so get it while it lasts! And feel free to browse the store to see if anything tickles your fancy. I have also put up some of my most popular Hugs O' The Day to purchase products, so let me know if you have any hug requests and I can make it happen!

Please note: ALL profits from the Robin Williams' hug will be donated to Parkinson's Research. My grandfather also suffered from Parkinson's for 11 years, so it's a cause that has been near and dear to me as well.

Let me know what you think! Would love your feedback!


~Chari =0)

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