Thursday, March 19, 2015

Walk the Moon Hug!

If you have not yet heard the insanely catchy song Shut Up and Dance by the band Walk the Moon, stop everything you're doing and watch the awesomely 80's-inspired, fun video. If that doesn't manage to put a smile on your face, then check out the Shut Up and Dance Movie Compilation Video. (My new life goal is to see every movie featured in this video). Or the Shut Up and Dance Official Lyric Video. If you're like me, each video made me smile more than the next, and I love all three equally. I am also still not tired of the song. Walk the Moon's other hit, Anna Sun, is one that I enjoy listening to on the radio. So, in the vein of my Earth Wind & Fire hug, I am now doing a literal Walk the Moon hug. I dedicate this to my amazing husband, who also shares my obsession with this song and plays this song as much as I do. =0)

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